Capio Excels In Annual Provider Partner Survey

Capio Excels In Annual Provider Partner Survey
ATLANTA, September 14, 2023 – In its latest annual client satisfaction survey, Capio received a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +75, which is well above the average +56 NPS Score for financial services companies.

The Net Promoter Score is a widely used industry benchmark that measures customer loyalty. NPS scores are reported with a number ranging from -100 to +100.

Capio is a leading healthcare asset management company that works with more than 800 healthcare providers, hospitals, and physician groups across the United States.

Each year, the company surveys its customers to better understand how it’s performing on metrics such as reliability, quality of service, and economic value, and to gain insight on how to continue improving on the value it delivers.

“While we’re encouraged by the positive responses we received from our valued customers again this year, we know there’s always room for improvement,” said Capio president, Dan Kutchel. “Over the past year, we’ve pushed our company to become even stronger advocates for the patients we serve by looking for ways to root out confusion in the medical debt resolution process and by giving people who are struggling to manage medical debt more flexible options for repayment. In turn, that has also helped our healthcare clients recover more outstanding debt and deliver a better experience.”

“Our high Net Promoter Score is an indicator of our commitment to building strong and trusting relationships with our business partners and the thousands of patients we work with on a daily basis who count on us to guide them through the medical debt resolution process and get them onto a path of financial wellness,” said Caylon Cannon, Capio’s chief strategy officer.

About Capio
Capio assists healthcare providers and physician organizations increase cashflow, while also lowering their bad debt expense.  To date, Capio has acquired and provided consumer services with over $37B in patient accounts receivable, via partnerships alongside more than 800 provider clients across the United States.  Capio is focused on becoming better partners to our clients and developing initiatives to help patients resolve their medical bills and achieve financial wellness.


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