Capio Responds to CFPB’s Proposed Medical Debt Rulemaking

Capio CEO Mark Detrick issued the following statement following the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s announcement regarding the agency’s proposed rule to restrict inclusion of medical debt in consumer credit reports:

“Capio understands the unique challenges posed by medical debt. That’s why we’ve adopted an innovative, patient-focused approach that includes no fees, no interest and no lawsuits. Working with a range of stakeholders – including the CFPB – our goal is to reduce the burden of medical debt on patients as much as possible.

“We support moving away from negative credit reporting if it can be done without harming healthcare providers and consumers. In fact, we are currently testing various paths forward to achieve this balance. However, there are serious and legitimate concerns that need to be carefully considered.

“We remain concerned that the administration does not fully appreciate the unintended consequences of removing medical debt from credit reports. This proposed rulemaking is likely to drive an increase in litigation against vulnerable patients and could disincentivize the payment of medical expenses or the maintenance of health insurance. These outcomes would ultimately harm doctors, hospitals, and the patients we aim to protect.

“Capio will continue to advocate throughout this process for well-considered, balanced solutions – like positive credit reporting – that support patient welfare while considering the essential services of the healthcare industry.”

About Capio:
Since the 2008, Capio has helped millions of patients resolve their debts. Today, Capio manages over $49 billion in patient accounts receivable and has partnered with more than 1000 provider clients across the United States. Capio supports healthcare providers and physician organizations by increasing cash flow, reducing bad debt expense while delivering compassionate, flexible resolution solutions to patients.

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