Solutions For Any Point In Your Revenue Cycle

Now more than ever, it is time to re-imagine the healthcare revenue cycle. When an estimated 50 percent of self-pay patient balances goes unpaid, allowing Capio to assist in managing your organization’s healthcare account receivables offers an immediate cash infusion and predictable cash flow.

Capio Agency Replacement and Capio Agency Complete

Flexible solutions for your organization's changing needs.

Partner Benefits

for both solutions
  • Advance upfront non-recourse cash
  • 100% U.S. based operations
  • Funding at or above existing performance
  • Less vendor management
  • No P&L expense

Consumer Benefits

for both solutions
  • No fees or interest charged to patients
  • No legal action against patients
  • Patient data is never sold
  • Accounts are never resold
  • Online bill pay & customized offers
  • Review our Patient Bill of Rights

Added Benefits

Agency Replacement has these added benefits over a collection agency model.
Agency Model
Our Model
Capio > Agency
Fee paid for dollars collected
Up Front Cash Payment
Shorten time to collect
Expense Impact
Monthly Fee Expense
No budget cost
Time to Payment
12-16 Months
Cash acceleration
Guaranteed Performance
Predictable cash flow
Vendor Management
Repurpose staff, lower operating cost
Debt Forgiveness
Dependent on Provider Policy
Patient need
Happy patient with no fiscal impact
Predictable monthly cash
Dependable and Consistent

Looking for Capio Partners?

Capio is a trade name of CF Medical, a debt purchaser. We do not directly contact consumers or collect accounts. If you are looking for the agency Capio Partners, please visit
or call 888-502-0303.

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