HB 4274

Short Description: prohibits credit reporting agencies from making a consumer report concerning medical debt, exemption for principle amt of $50k or more.

Status: Hearing held 6/5/23 Joint Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure, 1/25/24 committee report.

HB 347

Short Description: excludes medical debt from agency reporting, and other consumer guidelines currently supported by Capio.

Status: introduced, referred to joint committee.

HB 1009/SB 645

Short Description: Out of network billing requirement.  Requires insurers to utilize in-network rates for emergency services if provider is within the insurers network but not the insured’s plan.

Status: SB645 Hearing Scheduled 05/02/23 in joint Fin. Services Committee.

SB 723

Short Description: requires center for health information and analysis to collect data on each hospital’s bad debt.

Status: introduced, referred to committee.

HB 3564

Short Description: excludes medical debt from agency reporting-all adverse medical debt reports must be removed after 7 years.

Status: introduced, referred to joint committee on consumer protection and professional licensure.

SB 1065

Short Description: This measure prohibits a hospital or community health center licensed by the department of public health from seeking legal execution against the primary motor vehicle of a patient or a guarantor of a patient or from seeking legal execution up to the statutory amount allowed under law against the principal residence of a patient or a guarantor of a patient, irrespective of whether a declaration of the homestead has been recorded for said property.

Status: Hearing held on 6/27