HB 1155

Short Description: health data protection, prohibition of sale of such data.

HB 1666

Short Description: not exclusive to med debt regarding debt to gov entity and requiring itemized bill at first notice of collection.

Status: in committee

HB 2119

Short Description: prohibits garnishing wages to pay medical debts.

Status: 1/04/24 Prefiled; 1/08/24 Introduced; Referred to House Civil Rights & Judiciary Committee; 1/17/24 Hearing Held; 1/26/24 Executive session scheduled.

AB 786

Short Description: Prohibits credit reporting of medical debt unless, 1) a written statement has been sent to patient describing the unpaid amount and name and address of provider, 2) at least 6 months have past on the due date on the statement, and 3) the patient does not dispute the bill.

Status: Introduced; Referred to Assembly Health, Aging and Long-Term Care Committee 12/8/23.