About Us

Our Capio team represents decades of experience in healthcare, finance, technology, and customer service. Compassion is what sets us apart and enables us to meet the ever-changing needs of our provider clients and their patients.

Our Mission

“To help people burdened with medical debt achieve long-term financial wellness.”

Why Choose Capio?

Largest Buyer of Healthcare Receivables
As the largest buyer of healthcare receivables Capio understands both the provider revenue cycle and the unique causes and complexities of medical debt like no one else.
More Up Front for Bad Debt
Our proprietary debt purchasing model enables us to pay more up front on bad debt, providing essential revenue for hospitals.
Over 20 Million Patients
We’ve worked with 20 million patients from every community to create practical and personalized solutions to help them pay their fair share of medical expenses.
Flexible Tools and Education to Patients
We offer the flexibility, counsel, tools and education needed to help patients pay their bills and achieve long-term financial wellness.
More than $250M to Our Partners
We have delivered more than $250M to our hospital partners and care providers.
Improved Provider & Patient Outcomes
We lend our expertise to support regulatory and legislative actions to improve provider and patient financial outcomes.


Account Ownership
We’re the only revenue solutions partner that takes ownership of the patients’ medical accounts receivable.
Greater Flexibility
Account ownership enables us to offer immediate, no-cost revenue to providers and gives us greater flexibility to work with patients on a payment plan that respects and reflects their unique circumstances.
Positive Patient Experience
We recognize and embrace the important role we play in creating a positive patient experience during an often confusing and stressful debt resolution process.
Expert Counselors
From right-sizing the patient obligation to tailoring a payment plan to their circumstances, our expert counselors ensure your patients’ experience is a positive reflection on your brand.
Valuable Tools
We go beyond supporting patients through the debt resolution process – we offer valuable tools that help patients establish positive financial habits, rebuild credit and effectively prepare for planned and unplanned future expenses.

Leadership Team

Mark Detrick
Chief Executive Officer
Dan Kutchel
Chris Veigel
Chief Financial Officer
Caylon Cannon
Chief Strategy Officer
Debbie Mason
Chief Accounting Officer
Trent Rosebrook
Chief Marketing Officer
Jeff Shoppe
Chief Information Officer
Mark Starr
Chief Sales Officer
Randy Williams
Chief Production Officer
Lee Morris
Executive Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
Jenny deHoyos
Senior Vice President, Client Relations
Matthew Hogan
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Katie Nelson
Senior Vice President, Operational Excellence
Jimmy Richards
Senior Vice President, Technology Initiatives
Leta Williams
Senior Vice President, Information Technology
Rob Grafrath
Vice President, Enterprise Systems
Kathy Redd
Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis
Jason Richards
Vice President, Consumer Strategies

Sales Team

Sjorn Lundquist
Senior Vice President of Sales
Jeff Stallings
Senior Vice President of Strategic & Channel Sales
Jim Pender
Vice President of Sales, National Accounts
Jay Hicks
Regional Vice President, Sales
Ken Sundberg
Regional Vice President, Sales
Jadie Dillard
Director, Marketing & Sales Operations
Melissa Hill
Market Partner
Reggie Hodges
Market Partner

Looking for Capio Partners?

Capio is a trade name of CF Medical, a debt purchaser. We do not directly contact consumers or collect accounts. If you are looking for the agency Capio Partners, please visit
or call 888-502-0303.

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