Patient Bill of Rights

Capio’s Patient Bill of Rights clearly outlines our commitment to compassionate medical debt resolution.  It sets expectations for how we engage patients during the resolution process and extends valuable tools and services to help patients achieve long-term financial health.

Respect and Dignity:

  • We always treat you with respect and dignity. We listen for and acknowledge your unique circumstances and use professional language and a calm, courteous demeanor.
  • We recognize and embrace our critical role in creating a positive patient experience during an often confusing and stressful time in your life.

Clear Communication:

  • Our associates will clearly share with you the details of your obligation, including the name of the hospital/provider where you received the services and when, the amount owed, and options for resolving the matter.
  • We use plain, straightforward language to explain a variety of payment options available to resolve your obligation.
  • We will confirm in writing any arrangements you and our associates agree to over the phone.


  • Because we are committed to your long-term financial health, we do not charge interest or fees, we will not take legal action, and we will never resell your debt to a debt buyer.
  • Our associates work directly with you and design a resolution that fits your unique situation.
  • We will work hard to respond to you in a timely and accurate manner, usually within 24 hours.
  • Capio will eliminate healthcare debt for those who qualify for financial hardship. Our client services team works directly with you to answer your questions and to determine if you are a candidate for debt forgiveness. We were also the first company of our kind to have a dedicated Patient Advocacy Team that helps patients more clearly understand their bill, assists with account resolution, and can work directly with your healthcare facility to validate the amount owed.

Opportunity for Better Long-Term Financial Health:

  • Our expert associates, tools, services, and financial education can help you regain and maintain control of your financial health and achieve the financial freedom and confidence you deserve.
  • We believe that medical debt should only be a small percentage of a consumer’s monthly income. We strive to discount the amount you owe as much as possible, and keep your monthly payments low and easy to pay.
  • Our minimum monthly payment can be as low as $25.00 per month.
  • We offer long term payment plans often up to 24 months, to help you better manage your monthly finances.


Looking for Capio Partners?

Capio is a trade name of CF Medical, a debt purchaser. We do not directly contact consumers or collect accounts. If you are looking for the agency Capio Partners, please visit
or call 888-502-0303.

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